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3 Amazing Japanese Fashion Trends You Should Know

It's no secret that Japanese people are among the most stylish people in the world. What's more, they spearhead new trends, which keeps things exciting! Here are 3 awesome trends you should adopt.

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Perfect Guide To Watch Sumo Wrestling In Japan

One reason why foreigners flock to Japan is to watch the exciting sumo wrestling tournaments. So we will tell you what tournaments are available, how to buy tickets and how much these tickets cost!

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Challenge Yourself With These 5 Japanese Tongue Twisters

Mastered hiragana and katakana recently? Why not practice your pronunciation with these 5 famous hayakuchi kotoba (tongue twisters)? This is truly a great way to get familiarized with Japanese sounds!

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5 Art Islands You Should Visit In Japan

Art aficionados, rejoice! Japan has lots of beautiful islands for you to indulge your artistic side. Combining stunning nature with awesome artworks, these 5 islands in Kagawa are a must-go!

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Perfect Guide To Famous Temples And Shrines In Japan

Travel junkies visiting Japan are spoilt for choice as Japan is chock-full of amazing temples and shrines. But just which ones to visit? This guide will show you the iconic ones you should not visit!

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3 Awesome Japanese Makeup Brands You Should Try

Japanese women look gorgeous, and one reason for their attractiveness is the great makeup brands that they use. Here are 3 Japanese brands you should buy to accentuate your natural beauty!

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3 Kinds Of Popular Kirakira Names In Japan

Kirakira names are popular in Japan now. Kirakira means "shiny", which means that parents give their kids unusual names so that they can stand out from the crowd. Let's read about these strange names!

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5 Awesome Nomihodai Items You Must Try

Oh, nomihodai (all you can drink). A wonderful concept where you can drink all kinds of alcoholic drinks for cheap prices. But just what to drink? Read this guide to find out!

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Perfect Guide To Rental Culture In Japan

People assume that living in Japan is costly. But do you know that you can rent anything from DVDs and costumes to clothes and even boyfriends/girlfriends? Here are 5 cool things you can rent!

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3 Delicious Japanese Sake You Should Drink At Your First Try

More and more people are discovering the charm of Japanese sake as it can be served hot or chilled and used to pair anything from seafood to cocktails. This guide will tell you 3 sakes you should try!

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