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4 Ways Muslims Can Feel At Home In Japan

Japan is becoming more and more Muslim-friendly these days, with halal-certified restaurants, easily accessible restaurants and useful apps. So Muslims can experience Japanese omotenashi!

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3 Fascinating Toys Japanese Children Play With

In this technological age, Japanese children love their digital devices, just like children from other developed nations. But some childhood toys are still popular among them. Here are 3 of them!

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5 Local Delicacies You Should Savour In Sendai, Miyagi

Home to Japan's most elaborate Tanabata festival, Sendai draws truckloads of visitors come summer every year. Its gourmet will delight your tastebuds as well, so here's five foods you must try!

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3 Kinds Of Japanese Guys That Are Trending

I'm sure you have heard of soshoku danshi (herbivore men), but do you know that 3 other kinds of Japanese guys have emerged and are winning the hearts of appreciative ladies? Read on to find out more!

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3 Mind-blowing Robot Trends in Japan

Robots have been long used in Japan as caregivers for the elderly. But since they are so useful and adorable, they have been used by more and more industries. Read on to find out 3 new robot trends!

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5 Amazing Charms of UNESCO-registered Chichibu

A fuss-free 80-min train ride from Central Tokyo, Chichibu offers unique charms that you can't find in Tokyo. Think charismatic festivals, sacred temples and untouched nature. Here are 5 such charms!

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Learn These 5 Innovative Japanese Words

Japanese is an evolving language, and new words and phrases are coined by her people all the time. These words add an element of fun, so why not learn 5 such words so that you can spice up your chats?

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3 Awesome Japanese Cat Trends You Should Know

Neko nomikusu. Do you know this term that has been trending since 2015? A combination of neko (cat) and economics, it shows how cats are getting super popular in Japan. Here are 3 trends to check out!

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5 Osaka-ben Words You Should Know

Osaka people are known to be the funniest people in Japan, so learning their dialect will help you break the ice easily with Japanese people and make them laugh! Here are 5 words you can use.

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5 Japanese Egg-licious Dishes You Should Know

Eggs give you lots of proteins and even help you to lose weight. Not to mention these scrumptious Japanese egg dishes are to die for. Introducing 5 of them you should partake in!

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