Updated: November 24, 2015
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3 Gestures You Might Get Confused In Japan

Every country has different cultures. And a gesture is one of the cultures. There are some gestures which are probably used only in Japan. Here are three of them. Can you at least guess what they mean?

1. Should I stoop?

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Can you guess what this gesture means? This gesture actually means "come here" in Japan.

In most countries, I think the palm is upside down when it means come here.

You should remember it if you plan to visit Japan.

2. Greeting?

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When you see Japanese people doing this gesture, it's not a greeting although it looks like so.

Japanese people use this gesture when they want to show their apology or ask favors.

3. Do I smell??

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No, you don't. Well, maybe.
Anyway, this gesture doesn't mean something smells. You'll see many Japanese people doing this when you come to Japan.

They move their hand like the picture when they refuse someone's favor or deny someone's compliment. For example, someone ask you if you want to drink something, and you would say "no thanks" with the gesture.

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