Updated: December 10, 2015
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Sarubobo Is Very Cute Japanese Amulet Originated From Takayama

Do you know what this red doll is? Among huge number of Japanese dolls, this "Sarubobo" should be the one of the most interesting.

Little Cute Doll

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Have you ever found this cute amulet named "Sarubobo"? This red human-shaped doll is originated from Takayama City in Gifu prefecture, which is really famous with its traditional townscape and high quality beef "Hida Beef (飛騨牛)".

Traditionally, Sarubobo will be made by grandmothers when they get grand children in their family. The red amulet is mainly for such children as a toy.

The word you can see on the stomach is "Hida (飛騨)", the name of the region.
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Actually the part of its name "Saru" means "monkey (猿)". The pronunciation, however, means "go away (去る)", which will wish the bad things will go away from the children.

"Bobo" is Japanese "baby". That is why sometimes it is given to women who are pregnant.

In addition, could you notice it doesn't have any facial feature?

Sarubobo dolls and charms usually have no facial features. The reasons for this are unclear, but some have been suggested. One suggestion is that, originally, sarubobos were made from left over cloth and made by relatives, so there was no need for them to be completely accurate.


Best For Your Souvenir

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As you can see on the left side, Sarubobo with different colours and shapes are now being sold all over the city. Each one has each interesting meaning related to our own luck and life.

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The Japanese word "Sarubobo" in now used as a title of this local magazine.

More details about Sarubobo and Takayama city will be here. Let's check it now!
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