Updated: October 22, 2015
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IRON ATTACK will release a concept album under the theme of Sangokushi!

Hey there it’s macko*! Doujin music circle IRON ATTACK will release a new album called TETSUGEKI SANGOKUSHI ~ SANGOKU ATTACK ~ in January of 2016. Speaking of IRON ATTACK!, maybe many people know them as an extremely popular band, but I still want more people to know about them!


They mainly do the metal arrange of music from Touho Project and Fleet Collection. Especially in the filed of metal arrange from Touhou Project, they are called the Four Metal Kings among the doujin music circle.

Since 2013 they debuted with the album Link from TORANOANA Records, they made it possible as a doujin circle that first gave a world tour, including Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan.

Now they are still very active not only in Japan, but also in Europe and Asia.
And the album TETSUGEKI SANGOKUSHI ~ SANGOKU ATTACK ~ is to memorize the 10 years anniversary of IRON ATTACK!


Retina sample
This one is under the theme of SANGOKUSHI, and contains 11 pieces of songs.

In addition, YAMA-B also participated this album as a guest vocal voice, who was the member of GALNERYUS in the past.
It must be a very highly expected one!


Here I will introduce to you the members of IRON ATTACK!



He is the key man of all the aspects, such as composition, arrangement, instruments, design and plans.
Besides IRON ATTACK!, IRON-CHINO is also member of other heavy metal band and anime song cover band, such as LIGHTNING, ABSOLUTE AREA and EIZO Japan, who has a diverse ability.
And LIGHTNIGN contracted with SONIC REVOLUTION from Germany, and released a work called ROAD TO NINJA.



Long with IRON-CHINO, she is also a key person who are managing the lyrics, composition, arrangement, sing, piano, design and planning, etc.
And she is also a member of anime songs cover band ABSOLUTE AREA the same with IRON-CHINO.
Besides, she set up a doujin music circle called Sister’s Spread-j in 2009, giving full play to her ability in lyrics, composition, arrangement and singing.



He has a strong and high-tone voice, which is very rare. And he leads the band with his powerful performance.
He took part in Guitarist Shiija’s album MASKED RIDER TRIBUTE as a start, and then he joined the LIGHTNING. After that he debuted with the 3rd album JUSTICE STRIKE.
Then he joined IRON ATTACK! from Star Dust in 2012.
In addition, before the activities in Japan, he belonged to management of Belgium, mainly toured in Europe such as Belgium, France, Portal, Spain, Italy and Hungary.

Saka-than ( Masahiro Sakashita)


He believes pick and finger should be played at the same level, and widely uses 4-strings to multi-strings based on 7-stirngs.
In addition, he also won a lot of awards of best bassist at many band contests.
And he joined IRON ATTACK! since 2013.
When he still in a special school, he already be active as professional. In spite of his own band, he was also chosen as vocalist of ANTHEM, which is representative of Japanese heavy band. It proves that he already been highly appreciated long ago.
Besides IRON ATTACK!, he is also very active as a member of JORMUNGAND, support, private lesson and bass coach.



In 2013, when he did band activity with Yuuma, they were scouted by IRON-CHINO.
With the aggressive sound and theory-lined jazz play, he is a guitarist who is energetic continuing evolving.

Gensui ( Nozumu Ishii)


He joined IRON ATTACK! since 2015.
He respects YOSHIKI from X JAPAN, and made a band when he was in eighth grade. At the same time, he began to posted drum performance video to YouTube and Niconico. In YouTube his video has more than 650,000 times of playing back, who has infinite possibilities as a drummer.
He is now a college student and studying in Sophia University.
In spite of be a representative of metal circle SSS in the university, he is also very active as a drum coach and metal band support, etc.

Information of Live

Not only in Japan, IRON ATTACK! is also very active overseas. This year they are scheduled to have a concert in Switzerland in October, and in Japan in November.

Date: 2015/10/24(Sat.)
Location: Switzerland/Sion
Place: au college des Creusets a Sion

・Japan “IRON ATTACK! One-man Live in Osaka”
Date: 2015/11/1(Sun.) Open at 17:30 Curtain Rises at 18:00
Location: Japan/Osaka
Place: Tennoji fireloop

Descriptions of Works

Here I will introduce to you several works of them until now.
Most of them are the arrangement of Touhou Project and Fleet Collection, all of which are very popular.

Title: Death and Rebirth

16dd20ba104677e1fb756cb781d94ebb http://ironattack.theshop.jp/items/2057912
Arrangement of Touhou Project

01. Death and Rebirth
03. Murder in the well
04. Phantom Phannk Orchestra
05. Eternal Run away
06. Run away
07. Sakura~ Death and Rebirth ~
08. Death and Rebirth – Karaoke
09. Run away – Karaoke

Title: Yuke! Takasago No Tami Yo~Takasago Army~

00720ce2fbab39832a14f3cfe5a337dd http://ironattack.theshop.jp/items/2057899
Arrangement of Fleet Collection

01. Yuke! Takasago No Tami Yo~Takasago Army~
02. Yo Wa Mata Akaruku Ya ~ make your dawn ~
03. Akatsuki No Hi Somete ~ Expell!!~
04. Solomon’s Nightmare
05. Minazukishima, Sagen yori semari ~ Vengeance~
06. Saku Ohana No Na Wa Inochi ~ Take you High ~
07. Yuke! Takasago No Tami Yo~Takasago Army~ Karaoke
08. Saku Ohana No Na Wa Inochi ~ Take you High ~Karaoke

Title: Sono Junpaku Ni Akaki Chi Wo Sasage ~ Raise a flag~

9684aa4058cbb4cb88053b0a77d8d9f4 http://ironattack.theshop.jp/items/1570480
Arrangement of Fleet Collection

01. Sono Junpaku Ni Akaki Chi Wo Sasage ~ Raise a flag~
02. Beyond the sea of death ~ Assault Attack ~
03. Toutoki Chi De Kazaru, Shizumanu Hi No Hata ~ Night Warfare ~
04. Shinteno Ga Mau Shima De ~ Justice Heart ~
05. The Horizon of Dawn ~ Break out ~
06. To the wild sea
07. The burning sea ~ Sail Up
08. Sono Junpaku Ni Akaki Chi Wo Sasage ~ Raise a flag~Karaoke
09. Shinteno Ga Mau Shima De ~ Justice Heart ~Karaoke


6dabc05b795c42715a995a7cc5445110 http://ironattack.theshop.jp/items/1570470
Arrangement of Touhou Project

02. Magic Geyser
03. Cry For The Past Nostalgic Days
04. Refugee of Moon
05. Invasion
06. In The Blace Sea
08. Dim.STARLIGHT -VrrrKaraoke
09. Dim.STARLIGHT – Grrr Karaoke

Title: Icicle Fall

64b84ec6b3ee75145567b7a9e6d25fe4 http://ironattack.theshop.jp/items/1016155
Arrangement of Touhou Project

01. Icicle Fall
02. Ghost Entity
03. 3rd Nightmare
04. Murder time
05. Cheat Escape
06. War of Wrath
07. God of war
08. lcicle Fall –Vrrr Karaoke-
09. lcicle Fall – Grre Karaoke-


How do you feel it?
You can listen to their songs by YOUTUBE or NICONICO. I’ll be very happy that you can be interested in IRON ATTACK! and doujin music after reading this article.
At last I will introduce to you where you can buy their works.

Although there are some shops that have no international shipping service available, you can use overseas delivering service that is very convenient!
(Including the overseas delivering service company)

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