Updated: January 14, 2018
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3 Out-Of-The-Ordinary Museums You Should Visit

One good thing to do while travelling is to visit museums and understand more about the human condition. For your next trip, why not level up and visit these 3 museums that offer unique perspectives?

1) Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Fukuoka asian art museum 20170623 https://goo.gl/Rv47yB
Due to its geographical location, Fukuoka has always enjoyed strong ties with many Asian countries. Hence, it is best placed to showcase a panoply of Asian contemporary art through Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. Easily accessible via subway, this museum reveals how prominent and up-and-coming artists alike examine their nation critically and present their observations in innovative ways.

The permanent exhibition here is organised in terms of themes. Themes change every 3 months, so expect to be wowed by new masterpieces every time you visit!

2) Osaka Human Rights Museum

Osaka human rights museum in 2013 https://goo.gl/uaCKb1
Osaka is famed for being boisterous and dynamic, but its loud nature belies a serious and sensitive side. Visit the Osaka Human Rights Museum and be impressed by how the curators are willing to take a long and hard look at some of the social problems plaguing today's Japan: discrimination against the Burakumin (untouchables) as well as prejudice against the handicapped, LGBT and communities of Korean descent.

It's not an easy visit but is thought-provoking and engages you in a holistic commentary about Japan.

3) Shiraoi Ainu Museum

Ainu lodgings%28ainu museum%2c shiraoi%29 https://goo.gl/5AQSc9
We tend to think of Japan as a homogeneous nation. However, this is not true because there are Ainu indigenous people who live in Hokkaido. The Shiraoi Ainu Museum is an awesome platform to learn about their way of life. Enjoy a leisurely walk as you visit each of the five thatched houses along the shore of Lake Poroto.

Every house will showcase a different aspect of Ainu culture. One house will enlighten you on how a typical Ainu house looks like, while another house will allow you to participate in workshops as varied as woodcarving and making Ainu instruments. You will come away with a rich understanding of this distinctive culture!
If you're feeling a bit weary of the usual shopping, sightseeing and dining, why not stimulate your mind and senses by visiting these museums? It's certainly worth it to broaden your knowledge of the Land of the Rising Sun.

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