Updated: November 27, 2017
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3 Surprising Uses Of Sake

Sake. We know that it is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, be it seafood or desserts. But do you know that it has many other interesting uses? Here are three uses that will surprise you!

1. Facial Masks

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The fermentation process of sake yields kojic acid, which is a very useful ingredient for skin care. Beauty enthusiasts will be glad to know that kojic acid is awesome for lightening the skin, moisturising the skin and treating acne. It's no wonder how facial masks that contain sake are flying off the shelves! Let's look forward to naturally smooth and supple skin.

2. Bath Salts

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Wish to use sake to benefit your skin but are, frankly, not the kind of person who keeps to a rigorous skin care routine? Fret not! Sake-based bath salts will come to your rescue. Just sprinkle one packet when you take a bath, sit back and soak in the fragrance of the water. It's great as a stress reliever as well!

3. Chocolate

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Kit Kat offers a dazzling array of flavors in Japan, of which one of them is sake! Kit Kat sake-flavored chocolates come with a 0.8% alcohol content, so you will have a rare chance to tantalize your taste buds with an invigorating alcoholic aftertaste! What's more, the chocolates are nicely packaged in a Isshobin sake bottle, so they make for great souvenirs for your loved ones back home!
Whoever knew that sake has so many interesting uses? So why not indulge in these sake-based products the next time you come to Japan?

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