Updated: October 18, 2017
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4 Fun Facts About Yuzu In Japan

The Japanese have long used yuzu as a flavoring since the Nara period, but the rest of the world is just warming up to its awesomeness as a condiment. Learn these 4 fun facts to impress your friends!

1) Used To Make Vinegar

Yuzuvinegar https://goo.gl/U46wc7
Do you know that yuzu was grown during the Heian period (794-1185) to facilitate the production of vinegar? In fact, its scientific name - citrus junos - is derived from the Japanese name "yu no su" (yuzu vinegar). Yuzu vinegar helps boost your energy and keeps you in good health, so be sure to give it a try!

2) Used In Japanese Baths

Citron hot water of the winter solstice%2cyuzuyu%2ckatori city%2cjapan https://goo.gl/t7BQM7
Many Japanese treat themselves to a nice yuzu bath (also known as yuzuyu or yuzuburo) during the annual Winter Solstice festival. Doing so is said to help ward off the common cold. What's more, the yuzu bath will smoothen your skin.

Indeed, due to its attractive aroma, it's no wonder that yuzu is highly utilized in lotions and soaps!

3) Wide Range Of Medicinal Benefits

Yujacha https://goo.gl/e8bNQT
Yuzu not only accentuates the natural flavors of foods, but it also boasts a panoply of health benefits. For instance, it has three times the amount of Vitamin C compared to a lemon. It also contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can help to slow glucose absorption and reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Hence, why not drink a cup of yuzu tea, like many Japanese do?

4) Kochi Prefecture As The Main Producer

Citrus junos fruits 4 https://goo.gl/aMYdLq
Kochi Prefecture is famous for being the birthplace of Sakamoto Ryoma, but do you know that it is Japan's top producer of yuzu, with its production amounting to almost 50% of the total production? This is because Kochi is a warm and humid coastal region, thereby fulfilling all the conditions for yuzu production.

In fact, the yuzu juice from Kochi is said to have a more intense aroma and flavor, because it is cultivated from pure, ungrafted yuzu trees, which are exclusive only to the oldest production zone in the eastern part of Kochi!
We hope that this article has enlightened you on the many intricacies of yuzu. Do go on and impress your friends with this trivia during dinner parties - where yuzu is served!

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