Updated: August 27, 2017
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Master Japanese Culture “IS JAPAN COOL? DOU”

What is DOU? The spirituality, skills/techniques, forms, and manners have long been a valuable asset to the country, passed down from generation from generation in an intangible manner. A deeper understanding and a new perspective of the true nature of Japan by introducing “the way of life”, hereby referred to as DOU, valued greatly in traditional Japanese culture.

What Is DOU?

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DOU (often romanized as “do” or “doh”) is the way of life in which one approaches the essence of existence in pursuing one’s own field. DOU can be divided into two segments, budo (Japanese martial arts) and geido (Japanese traditional performing/fine arts). The ultimate goal of budo such as judo, kyudo, kendo, karatedo, iaido, etc. is not only to acquire the techniques of these martial skills, but is also a way of life in training the body and spirit to build up one’s character. Similarly, the ultimate goal of geido such as shodo, nihon buyo, sado, noh, etc. is not simply to acquire the forms, actions, and manners of these artistic skills, but also is to the never-ending pursuit to perfect beauty.
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Recently mindfulness meditation has gained increasing attention among the public. Based on meditation techniques, this method achieves elevated awareness and mental control, believed to be extremely effective in alleviating the stress of living in modern society. Japan is said to have a deep connection with mindfulness.
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Arianna Huffington, founder of the HuffPost, states “Japanese cultures have elements that could be the salvation of modern Westerners, I believe. When I walk through a Japanese garden, I sense mindfulness wherever I go. This essence can bring great efficacy to people living a stressful life.” As she observes, mindfulness is indeed deeply rooted in Japan’s etiquette and manners, in Japanese gardens, architecture, and also in the world of DOU such as budo and geido.
The philosophy of mindfulness is deeply rooted in the world of DOU.

Introducing “DOU — The Way Of Life —”

On August 23, 2017, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (“ANA”) launched their new online content “IS JAPAN COOL? DOU” (https://www.ana-cooljapan.com/contents/DOU/).

The new content focuses on introducing Japan’s rich cultural heritage, hereby referred to as “DOU”, depicting it with cutting-edge technology. It placed at “IS JAPAN COOL?”, ANA’s promotional media promoting tourist destinations and popular Japanese cultures to the world.

The contents, nine forms of DOU — intangible Japanese cultural assets — are introduced through the experiences of nine masters who have attained preeminence in each field of DOU.

The Attractive World Of Dou

The fascinating aspects of DOU are presented in three visual contents, “4DViews”, “Interview”, and “Demo.”
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This content contains realistic holograms of each DOU master performing key techniques and manners significant to each DOU. With the 4DViews technology created in France, every move every detail of the masters has been recreated precisely online which can be seen from all 360 angles. Viewers can catch a glimpse of “the closeup of traditional Japanese culture” from anywhere around the world.
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The Interview content contains interviews with the nine DOU masters, each narrating their own view of fascinating facts about each form of art, the necessary mindset when performing, and the relationship each has with other countries. The latter half of the movie shows live-action versions of the masters’ demonstrations of each techniques and manners.
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Adding computer graphics to the 4DViews contents, the demo content reproduces the actual visuals and motions of the performers. While the 4DViews contents shows the masters’ performances in a wire-like matter, adding the computer graphics creates the visuals to look more like the real-life video footage. This content allows the viewers to fully visualize the movements from 360 angles which can never be seen in the live-action version.

For much more information

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If you seek for more information about DOU, visit the website.

May this content help you understand Japanese culture!
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