Updated: June 25, 2017
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4 Summer Fireworks Festivals You Should Attend

Spring's out, summer's in. And what better way to usher in spectacular summer than going to the awesomely power-packed fireworks festivals? Here are 4 festivals that you should visit during your trip!

1) Tokyo Bay Fireworks

Tokyo bay fireworks 2015 https://goo.gl/VUs9uX
Feast your eyes on a visual spectacle as this festival is set against the neon-colored backdrop of Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge. Featuring a mind-boggling 12,000 fireworks, it also boasts a fun, festive atmosphere as the fireworks are set off to electrifying music and stimulating laser performances.

Held at Harumi 5, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

2) Sumida River Fireworks Festival

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Another fireworks festival that you shouldn't miss in Tokyo is the Sumida River Fireworks Festival. How does viewing the largest dazzling fireworks in the whole of Tokyo - all 22,000 of them - sound? As if this isn't enough, you get to admire them juxtaposed against the very magnificent Tokyo Skytree. Only hitch? This festival attracts a crowd of about a million spectators, so you should come early to reserve a great viewing position!

Held at Sumida River's riverbanks.

3) Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival

Suwa ko firework 20080815 02 https://goo.gl/TtfhnH
Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival stands out from other festivals, not just because of its sheer scale (it features 40,000 fireworks!) but also because of its location. As Suwa Lake is surrounded by paranomic mountains, the sound effect is amplified as the fireworks reverberate off the mountains. Also don't miss out on the finale item, a spellbinding 2km-long water starmine. You will be riveted to the cascading fireworks to the very end!

Held at 2-5 Chome, Kogan Toori, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture.

4) Nagaoka Matsuri Great Fireworks Festival

Nagaoka festival2 https://goo.gl/pSr5Vx
Nagaoka Matsuri Great Fireworks Festival is the grand-daddy of all such festivals in Japan. Watch out for its legendary Sanshakudama, a kind of display where fireworks will reach 600m and then expand to a diameter of up to 550m. Other festivals showcase displays where the fireworks only reach 300m and expand to a diameter of up to 300m, so it's obvious why many Japanese people flock to the Nagaoka Matsuri. What's more, the Sanshakudama will appear four times throughout the performance, thus sending your spirit soaring high!

Held at Shinano Riverbank, downstream from Nagano Bridge.
Fireworks festivals are one of the best ways to experience the boisterous energy and innovative spirit of the Japanese. See you around at one of these festivals!

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