Updated: June 20, 2017
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5 Local Delicacies You Should Savour In Sendai, Miyagi

Home to Japan's most elaborate Tanabata festival, Sendai draws truckloads of visitors come summer every year. Its gourmet will delight your tastebuds as well, so here's five foods you must try!

1. Gyutan (Ox Tongue)

Gyutan with negi %28%28beef tongue with green onion sauce%29 %2815179351503%29 https://goo.gl/xljG1O
You can't go wrong with the comfort food of Sendai residents. Mention popular restaurants that serve delicious gyutan (ox tongue) like 喜助 (Kisuke) and 利久 (Rikyu) and watch them warm up to you instantly. Any trip to Sendai will not be complete if you don't head over to these restaurants to treat your palate to these heavenly juicy pieces of grilled meat!

2. Zunda Rice Cakes

Zunda mochi https://goo.gl/lLyKy9
If you love edamame, you will take to this local delicacy as well. Zunda rice cakes are made by mashing boiled edamame and mixing it with sugar and a dash of salt. Served together with mochi, it yields an addictive sweet-salty, chewy taste!

3. Hagi No Tsuki (Bush Clover's Moon)

Hagi moon https://goo.gl/BzTGaM
Hagi, which means bush clover in English, is the designated flower of Miyagi Prefecture, so in Sendai, you can buy this confectionery called Hagi no Tsuki. Shaped like a yellow harvest moon, it contains a soft, fluffy sponge cake wrapped around a creamy custard filling. Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth sensation!

4. Sasakamaboko (Bamboo Leaf Shaped Fish Cakes)

Sasakamaboko https://goo.gl/gthrlF
Given that Sendai is located close to major fishing grounds, it is no wonder that its cuisine showcases fish delicacies. Take for instance sasakamaboko, a fish cake made by seasoning the white meat of fish with salt, sugar, and mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) and then roasting it. The result? A deeply savoury, comforting and crunchy taste that will make your day!

5. Kaisendon (Sashimi Rice Bowl)

Kaisendon   sashimi fish bowl   july 2014 https://goo.gl/mhMcAg
Sendai enjoys an abundant supply of fresh fishes due to its proximity of not one but three major fishing ports, namely Kesennuma, Ishinomaki, and Shiogama. Not only that, it is also a major producer of fragrant, appetite whetting rice. So combine sashimi and rice together, and there you have it - a succulent, scrumptious feast!
Aren't you now eager to explore the foodie haven that Sendai is? Itadakimasu! (Let's eat!)

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