Updated: April 16, 2017
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3 Awesome Japanese Cat Trends You Should Know

Neko nomikusu. Do you know this term that has been trending since 2015? A combination of neko (cat) and economics, it shows how cats are getting super popular in Japan. Here are 3 trends to check out!

#1 Cat ambassadors

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Cats are so intertwined into the lives of Japanese people that they are used by local governments to boost tourism. Take for instance Surfing Cat Street View, a website initiated by Onomichi City, Hiroshima. Onomichi City is well known for its large cat population. It enables the viewer to obtain a 360-degree street view of the city as seen from the eyes of a cat!

And who can forget Nitama, a calico cat which is the proud station master of Kishi Station in Kinokawa City, Wakayama?

#2 Cat fashion

Cat woman https://goo.gl/t91teV
Many Japanese ladies are not afraid to flaunt their love for feline creatures as cat-themed fashion is currently in vogue. They put on sweeping eyeliner that make it seem as if they have cats' eyes and style their hair to look like pointy cat ears. Their nails are not neglected either, as can be seen by how these ladies embellish them with bright, eye-catching paw prints and cat faces!

#3 Cat cafes

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Been up on your feet shopping and sight-seeing and want to take a breather? Why not make a visit to a cat cafe where you can recharge yourself by simply spending time with these irresistibly cute animals? Many of these cafes showcase exotic species, including Simaese cats, Egyptian Maus and Maine Coons, so it is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge of the furry world!
Indeed, Japan has lots of cat trends for cat lovers to participate in. If your schedule allows for it, do be in Japan on February 22, which is known as "Neko no Hi" (Cat Day). Surely this will bring about added significance to your trip as you make friends with cat ambassdors, try on cat fashion and visit cat cafes on that day!

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