Updated: February 05, 2017
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5 Spicy Japanese Condiments You Must Try

A connoisseur of washoku (Japanese cuisine)? Won't you want to know how Japanese people accentuate the flavours of their dishes with hot, tangy condiments? Here are five spicy condiments to try!

#1 Wasabi

Sashimi with wasabi https://goo.gl/ETgzot
Ah, wasabi. The ultimate accompaniment to sushi and sashimi. Consume too much of it, and you will feel its fiery vapours shoot up your nose, thus making you gasp for water. While its burning sensation is legendary, do you know that it also helps prevent bacterial growth and even slow the spread of cancer?!

#2 Yuzu kosho

Yuzukosyou https://goo.gl/J3ynon
A fermented paste made up of chilli peppers, yuzu (citrus fruit) and salt, yuzu kosho is particularly a godsend during those long winter months when you add it to spice up your soups and stews. Not only that, you can use it to season fish and balance out your braised meat dishes. Since it is so versatile, it is no wonder that Western chefs have turned to it as an ingredient to give a bit of zing to their pastas and salads!

#3 Shichimi togarashi

Shichimi tougarashi by june29 https://goo.gl/2zerxE
Shichimi togarashi is so called because it contains not one but seven different types of spices! Typical ingredients include but are not restricted to red chilli pepper, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, ground ginger, poppy seeds, yuzu seeds, rapeseeds. Because of its complex taste, it goes well not only with soba and udon, but also with meatballs and grilled fish.

#4 Ichimi togarashi

Shichimi and ichimi https://goo.gl/ouz8qW
Another kind of chili powder in Japanese cuisine is ichimi togarashi (red pepper flakes). Compared to shichimi togarashi, it offers a slightly sweetened, spicy taste, which makes it ideal for you to spice up your ramen noodles and soups!

#5 Karashi renkon

Karasirenkon001 https://goo.gl/FWUPsW
A specialty dish of Kumamoto prefecture, karashi renkon (mustard-filled lotus root) is a fried dish that boosts the umami of spicy mustard and miso paste that are filled into the holes of lotus roots. Lotus roots are chock full of Vitamin C, so they are great for your health!
Have fun jazzing up your meals with these popular Japanese condiments. Itadakimasu!

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