Updated: January 23, 2017
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Perfect Guide To Ramen From All Over Japan

Ramen. A representative soul food of Japanese people. It is so popular that every prefecture in Japan has developed its own distinct flavor. Here, we introduce 5 great kinds of ramen you must try!

1. Sumire (Miso ramen)

151010 sapporo ramen at susukino sapporo hokkaido japan01s https://goo.gl/8uta60
Sumire is a restaurant that is famed for its miso ramen, a signature dish in Hokkaido prefecture. Tuck into the thick noodles and roasted pork to savor the intense flavor that comes from the rich pork base coupled with miso paste. Nourishing for the soul, this may just give you the extra boost of energy that will help you prevail through Hokkaido's notoriously cold winters!

2. Tenkaippin (Chicken bone-based & Shoyu ramen)

Ramen and fried rice by shibainu in kichijyoji%2c tokyo https://goo.gl/3rje6f
One of the biggest ramen chain restaurants, Tenkaippin offers shoyu ramen, a kind of ramen that features a clear, brown broth and is rather prominent in Tokyo. Light-flavored, shoyu ramen will surely appeal to health-conscious customers who do not want their food to be too oily and salty.

If you would rather your ramen to have a heavy and bold flavor though, you can try out its chicken bone-based ramen. Its broth is so "kotteri" (thick) that it seems more like gravy instead! Actually, most Japanese fans of Tenkaippin go for the "kotteri" version, so you know your taste buds are in for a treat!

3. Inotani (Tonkotsu shoyu ramen)

Tokushima rahmen https://goo.gl/S1c4TW
Moving down south from Tokyo, you will find that Tokushima ramen packs a wallop with its thick tonkotsu (pork) shoyu broth. Also characterized by its delectable slices of pork and melt-in-your-mouth raw egg, Tokushima ramen provides a rich taste that stands tall above other ramen. The most iconic store selling Tokushima ramen has got to be Inotani: it was the first Tokushima shop to be prominently featured in the Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum in 1999!

4. Hachi-ban Ramen (Vegetable ramen)

Hachiban ramen 2 https://goo.gl/NNg7UZ
Vegetarians need not worry about being left out of Japan's most pleasurable culinary delight. Originated in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Hachi-ban Ramen not only presents generous portions of vegetables, but also enables you to choose your soup base from four different flavors: miso, shio (salt), shoyu and tonkotsu.

Nourishing and filling, it is no wonder that Hachi-ban Ramen has expanded its frontiers beyond Japan to Thailand and Hong Kong!

5. Ikkousha (Tonkotsu ramen)

Ikkousha ajitama ramen %282014 01 27%29 https://goo.gl/JUFHLC
Another ramen store that has overseas outlets, Ikkousha delights ramen connoisseurs worldwide with its thin firm noodles and savory, creamy tonkotsu-based broth. This broth is simmered for several hours so that we get to partake in a collagen-rich dish that gives us glowing skin. Awesome, isn't it?
Which of the above-mentioned ramen piques your tastebuds? Be sure to try them all out in your trips so that you will find that bowl of ramen that resonates solidly with you. Itadakimasu!

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