Updated: January 30, 2017
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How To Make Dashi In 5 Easy Steps

Dashi (Japanese soup stock) is the key to making Japanese food yummy as it brings out the umami of ingredients. Best of all, dashi can be made within an hour, so why not learn how to make it here?

What is dashi made of?

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Simple dashi soups make use of only one ingredient such as kombu (dried sea kelp), katsuo-buhi (bonito flakes) and niboshi (dried baby sardines). Sometimes, kombu and katsuo-buhi are combined together to make dashi; this dashi will be called "awase dashi". If you crave for a more nuanced taste, you can even add dried shiitake mushrooms to the mix!

Making Ichiban dashi

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Kombu kelp is used to make wholesome dashi
"Ichiban dashi" is a form of "awase dashi" and comprises kombu and katsuo-buhi. As it is the most common kind of dashi, ww will teach you how to make dashi in five easy steps:

1. Wipe kombu clean. Remember not to wash it because this will remove some of the substances that will give your food umami.

2. Soak the kombu in water for 30 mins before turning on low heat.

3. Remove the kombu right before it boils so as not to lose its flavor.

4. Add in the bonito flakes, turn down the heat and boil for 1-2 mins until the flakes have sunk to the bottom of your pot.

5. Turn off the heat, strain the mixture, and your ichiban dashi is now ready to serve!

What can my Ichiban dashi be used for?

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Plenty, as it turns out! Not only can you use ichiban dashi to cook udon or soba dishes, but you can also use it to flavor tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelet) and fried chicken.
We are sure you are now raring to go and make your own ichiban dashi. Have fun in the kitchen!

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