Updated: January 16, 2017
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5 Kinds Of Unique Japanese Kitchen Equipment

Ever wondered why Japanese cuisine is an UNESCO-listed Intangible Cultural Heritage? One reason is because Japanese chefs use top-notch cooking tools to make food yummy. Here are 5 great tools!

1. Hocho Knife

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No self-respecting Japanese chef will go without a hocho knife as it preserves the umami of ingredients, cutting them with a razor sharp cut that helps retain juices. Although there are many different types of hocho knifes that are used exclusively for sushi, vegetables, fish, etc, you will not go wrong if you buy a santoku hocho knife as this kind of knife can be used for slicing, dicing and mincing!

2. Makisu

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If you love sushi and wish to replicate the art of sushi making in your own kitchen, you cannot go without a makisu (bamboo mat). Made up of thin bamboo strips and cotton string, makisu are the trick to making sushi rolls that are tightly compact and won't fall apart easily.

There are two common kinds of makisu, so be sure to choose the mat with thicker slats as it is more versatile than the one with thinner slats.

3. Zaru

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Another useful Japanese tool that is made from bamboo is none other than the zaru (woven bamboo basket). To make this, horizontal bamboo strips are being woven around vertical bamboo strips so as to form a basket. This basket is then used to rinse and drain foods like soba noodles and blocks of tofu.

You can even use it as a dish to present your soba noodles, thus adding a rustic touch to your food!

4. Mortar and pestle

Suribachi.mortarpestle https://goo.gl/TNYOKM
Known in Japanese as "the suribachi and the surikogi", the mortar and pestle are great tools for one to grind or mash foods like peanuts, sesame seeds, miso or cooked potatoes efficiently.

The surikogi (pestle) is usually made of wood from the sansho (Japanese pepper) tree because it imparts a slight flavor to food. Fancy that! This really shows how conscientious the Japanese are about enhancing the taste of their dishes.

5. Chasen

Samovar tea house %287946482480%29 https://goo.gl/Jj02zH
Want to cultivate your spirit by drinking matcha tea at home? Then you will need a chasen (bamboo whisk) so that you can whisk matcha tea to obtain a creamy and frothy texture.

First, add hot water to your matcha tea and whisk steadily until you see bubbles starting to form. Then, slowly take out the chasen from the tea so that your gradual movements can break up the larger bubbles on the surface. You should be able to see a glistening layer of foam - perfect for your partaking!

Why not expand your repertoire of cooking tools so that you can hone your culinary skills? These tools can be readily bought at online sites like Amazon. Have fun in the kitchen!

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