Updated: October 26, 2016
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5 Tips Not To Be A Typical Foreign Traveler In Japan

When you travel abroad, you should know the culture of the country if you want to fit in the country well. In Japan, there are a lot of unique customs and unspoken rules which not many travelers know.

#1 Master how and when to use chopsticks

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As you know, Japanese people use chopsticks almost everyday. It is not so difficult to learn how to use chopsticks. You shold know not only how to use chopsticks, but also when to use them because there are some types of food Japanese people don't use chopsticks.

Japanese people use chopsticks to eat rice, but when they eat cuury and rice, they always use a spoon.

#2 Learn how Japanese people bow

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Bowing is another Japanese culture. Althoguh there are formal rules of bowing, you don't really bow like that in daily life. Japanese people bow basically when they greet, thank, and apologize. They bow deeply depending on how much respect they have. You can learn this by watching Japanese TV series or movies.

#3 Don't mind being naked in a public bath

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Going to onsen(hot springs) in Japan is one of the best part of the trip. Other than onsen, there are also many public baths which you can enjoy more cheaply. Anyway, you will have to be naked to enjoy those bath palces. No worries, men and women are separeted at least.

One more tip about Japanese baths is, wash your body before getting into the bath. It's a basic manner. There are always a bunch of shower places to clean your body in onsen.

#4 Be patient and make lines

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Japanese people form lines everywhere when they wait for something. Even when they wait for a train or a bus, Japanese people form a neat line.
Japanese people are trained this kind of things in the school. It's somehow like an army. What happens when you skip the line is probably just getting lots of cold looks from the others.

#5 Take your shoes off and line them up tidily

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In Japan, you are supposed to take your shoes off when you go inside of someone's house. But again, Japanese people don't just leave the shoes.
After you take them off, you should line them up nicely. Or, put them in the shoe box there is one near the entrance.

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