Updated: April 14, 2017
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5 Local Shopping Streets You Should Definitely Visit In Tokyo

In Japan, there are many local shopping streets called "shotengai(商店街)". And some shotengai are very popular for foreign tourists these days. Let's see five of the popular shotengai in Tokyo!

#1 Togoshi Ginza Shotengai / 戸越銀座商店街

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Togoshi Ginza is the name of the place, and shotengai means shopping streets.
Togoshi Ginza Shotengai is the longet shotengai in Tokyo. It has 1.3 km(0.8 mile), and there are more than 400 shops and restaurants.

This shotengai is famous for the croquettes. There are so many shops which sell croquettes in this street. I recommend you to go to Asano Meat for the croquette. It's absolutely amazing for its price.
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Another famous thing about Togoshi Ginza Shotengai is onsen, called Togoshi Ginza Onsen.
This onsen has pretty and spacious baths. There's a small cafeteria inside.
You should bring your own towel, otherwise you have to pay additional fee.

#2 Ameya Yokocho / アメヤ横丁

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Ameya Yokocho is an open-air shopping street in Ueno, which is home to over one hundred and eighty one shops, which sell products ranging from fresh food and fish to clothing and watches.

One of the interesting shops in Ameya Yokocho is the chocolate shop called "Shimura Shoten". What they sell is snack chocolates like KitKat or something like that.
They sell those chocolates in a old way, which is called Tataki-uri. It's like a show of selling. It catches people's attention.

#3 Kichijoji Sunroad / 吉祥寺サンロード

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Photo by Wei-Te Wong

Kichijoji is one of the fashionable ares of Tokyo. You can find a lot of pretty and trendy stores in Kichijoji.
Kichijoji Sunroad is an old shopping street which you can enjoy both old and new things.

Just walking around this area is going to be fun! The more you walk, the more attract you can find.
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Photo by ranpie

#4 Yanaka Ginza Shotengai / 谷中銀座商店街

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Yanaka Ginza is located in Nippori. It's not a big street, but there are many unique shops in this street. Since the access to Yanaka Ginza Shotengai is very convenient, many tourists visit this place.

You can find many cats in this area, so there are some shops selling cat related products. If you are a cat person, I strongly recommend you to go there.

The sunset you can see from the shotengai is also well known.
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#5 Sugamo Jizodori Shotengai / 巣鴨地蔵通り商店街

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Sugamo shotengai is one of the most famous shotengai in Tokyo. There are many elderly people living in Sugamo area, and Sugamo area is known as Grandma's Harajuku.

As its name says, there are famous Jizo(Buddhism stoned statue) in this street.
There's a famous shop called "Maruji". Its main product is red brief pants. I don't know why, but red brief pants have been very popular for a long time.
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