Updated: July 18, 2016
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4 Helpful Tips To Dress Up Your Ramen

There are many ways to boost up your ramen flavor, rather than enjoying it simply.

Dress Up Your Ramen

Many people around the world eat ramen because it's quick, easy, and cost-effective, but just because it's cheap to eat the quick-cooking Japanese squares of noodle-ly goodness doesn't mean you can't enjoy it Japanese-style at home!
Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your ramen.

#1 Ditch the flavor packets, or expand upon them.

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If there's anything important when it comes to authentically good ramen, it's good broth.
Whether you chose to make a soup base yourself, or whether you add other ingredients to round out the flavor of the seasonings in the packet, your ramen will definitely be better for it.

Try a simple soup base made with miso or soy sauce and a little konbu kelp, and you will be surprised by the depth of flavor you can achieve!
Try simmering some real ingredients in your broth to give it more flavor and goodness.
Chillies, ginger, lemon grass, or even curry spice can all add an unexpected extra zing to your meal.

#2 Experiment with healthy additions.

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Spring onions or leeks, or maybe some fresh and succulent bean sprouts.
If it's a cold day and you'd like something to warm you, try a miso broth and some fresh spinach and shitake simmered in – not only will you feel warmer, you'll also get a lot of good minerals and vitamins to keep you well!

#3 Add some toppings.

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Ramen is nothing without some delicious toppings to make a meal.
Ramen in Japan is a hearty and filling experience.

Try some grilled meats, fish, shrimp or tofu, carrots or other vegetables (simmered or lightly stir-fried) and maybe an egg on top.
It takes little time to prepare, and makes a full and satisfying meal for very little money.

#4 Get creative.

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There are no rules to stop you experimenting with different ingredients and flavor combinations – pick what you like, and play with your food!
In this way, you can eat ramen every day of the week, and still have something new and different every day, even when you're eating on a budget.
Above all, have fun, and happy eating!
Japanese food!!!!

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