Updated: July 26, 2016
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Sumida River Firework Display Is Coming To This Weekend

There is nothing more perfect than watching a firework show near a river with your important ones. Don't miss it if you're in Japan.

Sumida River Firework Display

Sumida river firework display is one of thousands of firework displays that are held in the whole country of Japan. Many firework festivals are held near the rivers or water areas.
The biggest firework festival is at Sumida river in the east of Tokyo.

And it's happening on 30th of July this year!

This festival goes back to 1733, and it originally started as a competition between two neighboring areas on the banks of the river.
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They both wanted to show-off their abilities of firework display.
Then it turned into a splendid festival. It attracts million of people from the whole country and from the whole world to attend the amazing display.

The firework lights up the entire area.
Therefore, you do not have to miss this wonderful event.
Japanese food!!!!

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