Updated: April 18, 2017
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The Japanese Diamond-like Glass "切子 : Kiriko"

Normal glass transforms into beautiful masterpieces under the hands of Japanese craftsmen. That is "Kiriko".

A Cut Glass That Delivers A Beautiful Sparkle Like A Diamond

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The first time you look at this gorgeous masterpiece, you have the feeling of the artistic fine art in each detail and part of this diamond-like and golden glass. This wonderful glass is known as Kiriko and made in Tokyo and Kagoshima where they discovered the cutting patterns of the glass.

Satsuma kiriko

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It is glass work / cut glass produced by the Satsuma domain from the end of Edo Period to the beginning of the Meiji Period. Although the production ceased due to the turbulence at the end of Edo Period, they succeeded in reprinting in the Showa era, and production is still continuing in Kagoshima prefecture now.
Antique Satsuma Kiriko is very precious and has high antique value.

Edo kiriko

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Edo Kiriko was not managed by the Tokugawa shogunate, ordinary people started production. Therefore, it is hard to be influenced by the government, history has been inherited to the present age without disruption.
Edo Kiriko of the Edo period was only made of colorless and transparent glass, but gradually made of colored glass was made.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has designated this craft as a Traditional Craft Industry in 1985.

Takumi's technique

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The one who wants to produce this unique craft needs to be an expert and a professional in glassblowing this colored glass from inside and outside and must know the techniques of whetstones.

This movie is produced by JapanMade. They provide videos of Japanese culture and traditional crafts.
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Highly artistic, beautiful cut glass is very good as a decoration. If you have one, you will not stop looking at this splendid piece of art.
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The Tokyo Sky Tree "Summer" elevator has a decorated fireworks display by a Edo kiriko.
Please check it, if you have a chance to ride!
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