Updated: January 07, 2017
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5 Essential Ingredients In The Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine lovers sure must grab these basic elements that exist nearly in every Japanese meal.

1. Wasabi

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Wasabi is a plant that takes two to three years to grow and the root is the only part of the plant that is used in gastronomy. The root has a spicy, rather poignant taste, and it is used in small quantity to condiment meat, fish, and rice. Wasabi is like a type mustard and some people think it is a stronger version of that western condiment.

2. Mirin

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A sweet, soft kind of sake, with a low percentage of alcohol, used to flavor fish and a wide variety of dishes. Adding mirin to the preparation of any dish mitigates the taste of the food.


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A broth made of katsuobushi (dried tuna or bonito) and kombu algae. This soup is the basic ingredient of many other recipes like miso soup.

4. Sake

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Alcoholic beverage obtained from fermented rice. Japanese people drink sake as western people drink wine or beer but sake also has a ritual use. You can drink sake cold or warm with your meal or have a cup as a relief at the end of the day.

5. Miso

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Miso is a fermented flavor paste made of soybeans and sea salt. Miso has respected as a food capable of improving your health during centuries and its high content in enzymes seems to support that property. It can be used in many culinary combinations. The most usual types of miso from mild to strong flavor are the following: shiromiso (white), akamiso (red), kuromiso (black) and hatchomiso (the most concentrated and free of any added grain).
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