Updated: May 17, 2017
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Visiting Universal Cool Japan

Keep in mind some of these following phrases to help you enjoy this awesome event to the fullest.

Visiting Universal Cool Japan

Universal Cool Japan 2017 has started full swing this year as well. It will run from January 13th to June 25th for a total of one-hundred sixty-four (163) days. It is developing on a surprise scale exceeding the past two events! It have cut off the remaining 2 months.
There are some helpful Japanese phrases to know that will help augment your anime-fantastic experience.

1.shashin wo totteii desu ka - Can I take your photo?

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The park abounds in cosplay characters and some of the costumes are fantastic. You may want to get a photo. Ask politely before just snapping a picture.

2.machijikan wa dono gurai desu ka - About how long is the waiting time?

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There can be some long waits and you may want to get an idea how long you might have to wait for any one of the attractions.
This information can also be accessed with app for your phone.

3.shashin wo totte morae masu ka - Could you take a photo?

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There are many staged photo opportunities such as the fighting Titans where you may want to ask other park patrons to help you take a longer range photo than you can manage as a selfie.

4.shashin wo tori mashou ka- Shall I take your photo?

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It would be nice to offer to return the favor if someone took a photo for you.

5.hanbai shiteimasu ka - Are they for sale?

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This is a handy phrase to have on hand to determine if goods or tickets are available as many items are pre-ordered or purchased in advance.

Have awesome adventure at Universal Cool Japan!

With these few phrases, you’ll surely be able to navigate your way through an awesome adventure at Universal Cool Japan.
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Japanese food!!!!

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