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3 Recommended Maid Cafe In Akihabara

Many people around the world have heard about maid cafes from anime or games, and wondered if they were a real thing. Yes. Yes, they are. Not only are they real, there are over 200 in Tokyo alone, many in Akihabara! But what are they?

#1 Cure Maid Cafe

150928 01 http://www.curemaid.jp/
To begin with, maid cafes were more like events than actual places to go, but the first permanent maid cafe, Cure Maid Cafe, opened up in the Akihabara district in Tokyo in 2001, and you can still visit it today!

In fact, many tourists to Akihabara like to go to Cure Maid Cafe simply because it was the first of its kind.
It's not too far from Suehirocho Station on the Ginza line.
Like most maid cafes, Cure Maid Cafe is on one of the upper floors. In order to get there, you will need to go to the back of the shop at street level, and take the elevator up.
When the elevator reaches the 6th floor, it chimes like a doorbell, and your maid will greet you on the other side with a kind, “Welcome home, Master,” (or “Welcome home, Mistress” for female patrons).
Pc230012 http://www.curemaid.jp/
As far as maid cafes go, it is quite a reserved and formal atmosphere, with sections between the tables, affording an agreeable amount of privacy, so you could even take a date, if they didn't mind the idea of going to a maid cafe in the first place!

The maid costumes have long skirts in the Victorian style, so you won't need to feel embarrassed.
There are three meal menus – lunch, teatime, and dinner. Portions are generous, the food is well prepared, and you can get all but the chiffon cakes to go.
Cure Maid Cafe sometimes hosts special anime-themed events which each last for a few weeks.

In the past, they have held Evangelion and Kill La Kill themed special events. Cure Maid Cafe seats about 30 people, as is typical of the majority of this kind of restaurant.

#2 @home cafe

If you're looking to go for something bigger, brasher, and altogether more crazy and bold, @Home Cafe (At Home Cafe) is a giant Maid Cafe extravaganza that spans four floors (also in Akihabara, near the main station).
It was the third maid cafe to ever open, and it is a great favourite for tourists – if we can be a little judgemental, it is like the McDonalds of Maid Cafes. Although @home Cafe is vast, there is frequently a line to get in (you can not make a reservation), and individual sittings are only allowed one hour – if you stay for longer you will have to pay extra.

In their frilly short maid costumes, the girls are young, bubbly and very cute – some are even quite famous! There are menus available in English, making it an ideal tourist spot for foreigners wishing to experience a maid cafe firsthand.
Sample1 http://www.cafe-athome.com/
Maids will draw the pictures you request on your latte or food, and put love spells on it to make it all taste great. In short, it's everybody's idea of what a maid cafe might be. You can play a game with your maid (her choice, not yours!) or pay a little extra to have your photo taken with her. The maids also put on singing and dancing performances, so if you're lucky, they'll perform one while you are there. @Home cafe welcomes women and children, too, so it can be a fun family time out.

Admission costs 600 yen per person (with concessions available for students or seniors showing valid ID, and babies enter for free), and each person must order at least 570 yen worth of food or drinks (excluding babies!), but considering how @Home Cafe is almost like an otaku dream amusement park, full of energetic squeaky-voiced cuteness, it is well worth the price.

#3 New Type

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If none of that piques your interest, Also in Akihabara, there's always Cafe & Bar New Type, (nearest station is Suehirocho) staffed entirely by young men in wonderful frilly maid-costume drag.

Not surprisingly, the clientele in this one has a greater ratio of females to males than most other maid cafes. Seating is simple, with long tables and plastic chairs.

They're open from 6 until 11 pm, and serve alcohol as well as generously portioned food.
There are some cosplay events, and you might even find yourself treated to a makeup lesson!

(You can watch this video with English subtitle)
Besides this little roundup of interesting maid cafes, there are hundreds of others – why not visit a few, and find one you like! And thank you for reading, Master!

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