Updated: May 29, 2016
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3 Ways Japanese Pop Culture Influences Society

Pop culture manifests itself in every Japanese walk of life.

3 Ways Japanese Pop Culture Influences Society

Encompassing music, fashion, manga and anime, Japanese pop culture trends are so wacky and funky that they have taken the world by storm. In Japan, the reach of pop culture is so pervasive that it even influences the society! Here are 3 ways pop culture influences the society.

#1 Japanese people love kawaii things

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Kawaii (cute) isn't just something Japanese high school girls exclaim; it is a way of life. From nail art and accessories to purikura (photo stickers), Japanese people love how colorful, cool and awe-inducing touches enhance their everyday products. Even mascots aimed to promote businesses and governments veer on the right side of kawaii!

#2 Japanese people take anime seriously

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Anime is so integral to the life of the Japanese that many of them pursue cosplay as a hobby. In fact, Asagaya Anime Street and Akihabara are popular areas in Tokyo where people shop for their costumes. Sometimes, Japanese people even get inspired to organize events originally featured in anime. Examples include the Bonbori Matsuri and Ika Matsuri in Ishikawa and Tottori respectively.

#3 Japanese people care passionately about pop idols

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Boy bands and girl groups are the rage in Japan, as many Japanese support them fervently. When all-make SMAP announced plans to stay together amidst speculation that they were about to split up, this drew so much frenetic response from Twitter users that Twitter flashed an error message. The Japanese even love virtual pop stars. Take for instance Hatsune Miku who will embark on her Expo 2016 Japan Tour in Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Tokyo.
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