Updated: January 29, 2016
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"DOA Xtreme 3” A Game Of Dudes' Dream

You can now freely enjoy taking pictures with "Gravure Paradise" and the touch function that will only be available for the PS Vita version.

Koei Tecmo Games has announced the latest information regarding the PS4 game "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune and the PS Vita "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Venus", such as you can now freely enjoy taking pictures with "Gravure Paradise" and the touch function that will only be available for the PS Vita version.

The "Xtreme" series is a "vacation game" that chronicles the girls spending a brief time on an island in a country in the south. In truth, its unique approach has been showered with attention. "DOA Xtreme 3", the latest installment in the series, in addition to holding the expectations of the fans of the series, its "Soft Engine" which expresses the girls more attractively, is gathering attention, and many fans are eagerly anticipating the release date approximately 2 months from now.
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The latest images compiled from "bare changing", where the girls change into the swimsuit that they have been given, were made public a few days ago and have become a hot topic. But this time, more details have arrived along with plenty of new images.
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Various special features have been revealed such as "Gravure Paradise", a mode that lets you freely enjoy taking pictures, and the touch function that will only be available in the PS Vita version, which has a different appeal from the PS4 version. That's why whichever you may fix your gaze on, let's let them finish preparations.
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◆New information

■"Gravure Paradise", a mode where you can freely enjoy taking pictures has been unveiled

In "Gravure Paradise" you can view the gravure images that you have unlocked in vacation mode anytime. You can enjoy customizing and taking various pictures of swimsuits, hairstyles, wardrobe malfunctions, time zones, and bodies getting wet, sunbathing and more.

The degree of tanning and wetness can be minutely adjusted using the barometer. In addition, 3 time zone settings "Morning" "Noon" and "Night" have been prepared. In vacation mode, even in scenes where there are no wardrobe malfunctions and no getting wet is involved, you can still make customizations to your heart's content with Gravure Paradise so you can taste a wider range of enjoyment that suits your taste.
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■ Introduction of activities and picture taking functions at the "hotel" and "pool side"

At the "hotel" which you visit at the end of the day in vacation mode, you can go to the casino, give presents, and take pictures of the heroines. At the hotel you can also take pictures of the heroines relaxing on top of the beds at any angle. At the poolside, you can take spectacular photographs of the heroines taking a moment's rest.

In addition, in owner mode, after being given presents at the hotel, they will change to the presents you gave them to suit the level of your satisfaction.
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■Touch functions such as "flick" and "pinch" available only for the PS Vita version were revealed

Butt and thigh movement, wardrobe malfunction expression, tanning expression, advanced skin expression, advanced morphing expression, will become functions only for the PS4 version "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune". For the PS Vita version, you can have your fill of the "Soft Engine" through the simple and intuitive touch function.
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In the PS Vita version, breasts will shake and skirts will rise due to the blowing wind that can be controlled by the flick function. With the pinch function, breasts will change shape as if being squeezed from the side.
637350 http://www.inside-games.jp/article/2016/01/22/95193.html
In the official site, the 3D models of the first special bonus costumes for the PS4 and PS Vita versions were unveiled.

"Marie's little devil swimsuit (PS4)" adds the cuteness of wings and a tail to the sexiness of the leotard swimsuit, which audaciously reveals cleavage, while the frothiness of lace and the sexy appeal of her butt are delicately perfect for the "Little Angel swimsuit (PS Vita)". Either which are both visually appealing so don't forget to check them out too.

PS4 "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune' and the PS Vita "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Venus" are scheduled to be released on March 24, 2016. The prices are 8,800 yen (tax exclusive) for the PS4 package, 7,619 yen (tax exclusive) for the downloadable version. 7,800 yen (tax exclusive) for the PS Vita package and 6,762 yen (tax exclusive) for the downloadable version.
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