Updated: February 08, 2016
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Garbage Classification In Japan

In Japan, the garbage is classified into three main types of burnable, inburnable and recyclable garbage.

Garbage classification in Japan

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Foreigners are expected to learn about "purposes on the earth" of these trashcans when coming to Japan for the first time. Is it necessary to learn about it? The answer is "yes", especially for those in whose countries only "all-in-one" trashcans are used.
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Even when you cannot read Japanese words, you still can do it well by looking at sample pictures stuck on trashcans.
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Plastic water bottles are intelligently designed for recycle purposes.

Not so many trashcans in Japan

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Except for public places such as airports, stations, supermarkets, convenient stores, etc. you hardly find trashcans in any other locations in Japan.

Bring small bags for personal garbage

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So, it's a good idea to bring small bags for personal garbage when traveling around Japan. With such consistent garbage classification system and citizens' good awareness of keeping everything clean, Japan becomes one of the cleanest countries in the world.
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