Updated: January 22, 2016
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5 Things To Do In Kumamoto

Kumamoto is perhaps best known for its adorable mascot, Kumamon. Your curiosity may be piqued, and you may ask yourself, “What’s there to do in Kumamoto?”

1. Visit Kumamoto Castle

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One of Japan’s top 3 castles, Kumamoto Castle boasts a spectacular bird’s eye view of Kumamoto City. It is a majestic structure itself and has commanding musha-gaeshi (steep stone walls) meant to deter intruders. Best visited in spring where hundreds of cherry blossoms bloom to enliven the scene.

2. Soak at Kurokawa Onsen

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Kurokawa Onsen has a relaxing ambience by virtue of its aesthetically-pleasing wooden traditional inns. Its onsens are equally fantastic as they allow you to dip in warm waters beside trickling streams or gushing rivers.

3. Eat raw horse meat

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You can’t say you have visited Kumamoto if you didn’t try out its local delicacy, basashi (raw horse meat). Season it with ginger and soy sauce, pair it down with sake and enjoy its incredibly fleshy texture! Bragging rights included for consuming something so exotic!

4. Shop at Shimotori and Kamitori

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Kyushu people will tell you that major fashion stores will open up a branch in Kumamoto first to test waters if they wish to expand their business into Kyushu Island. Indeed, Kumamoto citizens are stylishly dressed, so rest assured that you’re making the right fashion choices with aplomb when you shop at the shopping streets of Shimotori and Kamitori!

5. Admire Tsujun Bridge

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Tsujun Bridge is a towering bridge that discharges water at 1pm from April to May and from August to November. Do arrive in time to climb on top of this bridge and feast your eyes with an awesome view of the surrounding lush-green paddies and a close-up view of the gushing water!
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