Updated: October 14, 2017
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A Treasure Meeting -Ichigo Ichie 一期一会-

Do you know the term "Ichigo Ichie 一期一会"? It describes the beauty of spirit of Japan. One meeting chance in a life time. Just one!

One time, one meeting

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Ichi-go Ichi-e is a Japanese term that means, “One time, One meeting” that is deeply associated with tea ceremony as well as Zen Buddhism.

The beauty of being in the present moment

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The cultural concept refers the beauty of being in the present moment and cherishing the transience of time. Often the concept is translated as “for this time only” or “one chance in a life time”. In the tea ceremony, this concept makes each meeting unique and no meeting can be the same again

You can also find it in Western culture

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This concept can be applied to the daily life as well. Live fully at the moment. Even in the western culture, the concept of being the present moment or “here and now” has been well cherished and applied in the therapeutic use as well.

It makes our lives more colorful

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The key of being “here and now” can make our lives more colorful. Not one thing can be the same again. This is why, life can be interesting. Every opportunity and every single meeting with persons who we may never see again, can be very important.

Simple and deep cultural thoughts

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The concept can be simple yet its deep cultural thoughts may root from the Japanese sprit.
Japanese food!!!!

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