Updated: October 09, 2017
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Chawanmushi: Japanese Steamed Egg Custard

Have you heard of Chawanmushi? Maybe you've eaten with sushi dish. Looks like pudding but it's not sweet. Let us introduce this Japanese steamed egg custard.

What is Chawanmushi?

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Have you ever heard of Chawanumushi? Chawan means a tea bowl while mushi means to steam. It is a hot Japanese appetizer. The egg custard contains a mixture of mirin, dashi, sake, and soy with ingredients like mushrooms, ginkgo, boiled shrimp, kamaboko, and lily roots. The egg custard sounds a sweet confectionary, pudding, but it’s not sweet. However, the dish is savory, and the texture is just like a soft pudding.
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Side dish with Sushi

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Usually, you can find it at Japanese restaurants as well as some sushi shops. However, it is easy to cook at home. If you cook at home, it’d rather be more like a special side dish. Since ginkgo and lily roots are not regular vegetables. Hence, it can be eaten on a special occasion.

Try and cook it!

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If you are fond of Japanese cuisine, why don’t you try out such heartwarming dishes?
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