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A Report From The Latest Comic Market(Comiket)!

"Comic Market 89" was held in Tokyo Big Sight for three days from December 29th to 31st in 2015.

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Let's Make Anime Dishes "Yuru Yuri Osechi” For New Year!

Animated Japanese Traditional New Year plate.

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Find A Girlfriend From The Game "Girlfriend (Tentative Title)”!

The introduction of a school romantic game for smartphones called "Girlfriend".

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The Coolest Part Of Tokyo: Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway is one of the most attractive places for those who love Japanese "otaku culture" such as animation, manga, figures.

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LiSA Started Her Solo Debut Fifth Anniversary Project "Hi! FIVE”!

LiSA, a female anime music singer, made public she had started a project celebrating her fifth anniversary of her solo debut.

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Let’s See Who Won The World Championship Of "Gunpla Builders World Cup 2015"

"Gunpla Builders World Cup 2015", the world championship of "Gunpla", recorded the 35th anniversary in 2015.

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Made A "One-Punch Man" Character Bento!

This time I will introduce to you how to make a character themed bento(box lunch) based off the main character Saitama from the fall 2015 anime "One-Punch Man."

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Anime vs Reality in Japan

Lots of people seem to think anime and real Japan are exactly the same. Actually, they are few things they are realistic- but not everything. So, here are some of the differences and similarities between anime fiction and reality in Japan.

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Initial D the Movie & Kyosho Corporation Will Release Original Mini-cars, Including A Rare TOYOTA 86!

On January 19th, Kyosho Corporation is going to start selling original mini-cars of three popular models that appear on "New Initial D the Movie" and a TOYOTA 86, at Circle K Sunkus stores.

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Sailor Moon Trolley Bag Will Make Your Travel Colorful!

Trolley bags of "Sailor Moon" were released. The prettily designed bag has beautiful girl fighters as a motif and is available for travel use.

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