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Guide To Eating 6 Delicious Fishes In Japan

Surrounded by crystal-blue seas, Japan enjoys an abundant supply of fishes. Not to mention her sophisticated processing techniques that ensure that fishes stay fresh! Let's learn about 6 yummy fishes:

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World's Top Aquarium Loving Country; Japan!

Have you ever thought of visiting an aquarium in Japan? If not, please go! Surprisingly, Japan is the country with the largest number of aquariums!

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Japanese Sanma

Sanma is one of the most delicious Japanese dishes.

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Healthy Japanese Habits You May Want To Try

Why can Japanese people enjoy the longest life span average in the world?

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3 Tips To Enjoy The Japanese Fresh Fish Market, Tsukiji In Tokyo

If you find yourself a gourmet, never will you be unaware of "Tsukiji", which is a market located in Japan. What's tsukiji and what can you do there? Let's look at it.

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A littleWeird But Very Popular Food From Japan, Mentaiko(明太子)

Japanese people like to eat weird food that isn't popular abroad. You might know some like raw octopus, horse meat or fish sperm. Next one is mentaiko, which is made of roes taken from Cod and Pollock.

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Lucky Sushi Roll, Ehou Maki!

Ehou Maki seems ordinary but it’s a lucky sushi roll that most of Japanese eats on February 3rd on Setsubun day. Let's know about it.

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Nimono: One Of The Japanese Traditional Food You Should Try In Japan

Nimono (煮物) is one of the basic simmered Japanese cuisine. It contains vegetables, meat or seafood and is simmered with sake, soy sauce, and mirin, and dashi (fish seasoning).

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3 Most Amazing And Interesting Toys You've Never Seen

Japan has been inventing a lot of amazing toys. Thanks to the progress of technology, Japanese toys are so sophisticated that even adults get addicted to them. I will introduce 3 toys that will catch your eye!

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What Do Japanese Eat For Breakfast?

What do Japanese eat for breakfast? Japanese style or western style? You might wonder. The answer is both!

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