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Two Frenchmen in Japan go on a quest to create Craft Matcha

Material Matcha Uji, one of the most disruptive tea companies of recent years, launch their unique craft Matcha green teas after a year of patient development and hard work.

4 Ways How To Relieve Daily Stress In Japanese Way

We all are stressed out because of daily hustles and busy and crazy life. Japanese ways of relieving stress is unique and you might want to try some out. It's spiritual, serene, and pacifying.

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5 Popular Matcha Sweets In Japan

Matcha is favored by not only Japanese but also most foreigners. And nothing can be compared to sweets with matcha flavor. There are more sweets consumed than the actual tea in Japan.

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Do You Want To Try The Starbucks Japan Limited Menu?

Now that Starbucks are everywhere all over there world, Japan is no exception. Here are three Japanese original menus that I would like to introduce.

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Japanese Exclusive Treat: Strawberry Matcha Chocolate

Combining the sweet and juicy strawberry and the original green tea from the best maker in Japan, introducing to you an alternative gift of your typical chocolate perfect for Valentine Day!

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Japanese Food In Japan VS. Japanese Food In The U.S.

Is it really authentic Japanese food that you are eating? I spent last year studying abroad in California and there was one thing that surprised me. There was so much Americanized Japanese food in America!

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Sado Is The Best Way Of Learning The Japanese Philosophy

After a long-term nonstop development, Sado (Japanese tea ceremony) has become a unique type of art in Japan. It is considered as the symbol of elegance and courtesy in modern Japanese society.

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Not Just Only Green Tea? Teas in Japan!

Green tea has been gaining its popularity all over the world for its healthy benefits. Green tea has different kinds and sorted out depending on the harvest time and the grade.

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5 Beauty Benefits Matcha Gives You

Japanese green tea, called "matcha", is very popular among tourists in Japan. However, did you know that matcha has a lot of healthy effects? It contains many substances that are beneficial to your body and your beauty.

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5 places where you can experience Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony

If you plan to visit Tokyo and wish to experience the traditional tea ceremony, check out where/when you can participate.

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