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R2-D2 And BB-8 Become Rubik's Cubes

The popular characters R2-D2 and BB-8 have become Rubik's Cubes.

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Try The Popular Star Wars Droid, BB-8!

There is a hologram function, which makes this BB-8 a time thief.

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"Star Wars Nebuta" Has Come To Tokyo! Art Exhibition Held In Shiodome!

The art exhibition "The world of Star Wars ~Force for Japan~” was open on the 2nd floor of Nippon TV's Hall at Shiodome in Tokyo, celebrating its release of the movie.

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Huge Darth Vader Ice Sculpture Completed For Sapporo Snow Festival!

The 66th Sapporo Snow Festival, the largest snow statue in the festival's history has arrived. It's a huge Star Wars ice sculpture.

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Exclusive From Japan: Star Wars Ukiyoe and Premium Home Collection!

Celebrate the newly released, seventh installment of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Original Star Wars Collections in collaboration with Lucasfilms, for limited time only!

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STARWARS Figure, Samurai Style Stormtrooper Is Coming

The movie, STAR WARS:Episode 7 might be the hottest topic this month all over the world. Japanese toy company BANDAI announced that the figure "MEISHO MOVIE REALIZATION TAIKOYAKU STORMTROOPER" is coming!

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STAR WARS ✕ NIXON COLLECTION: The Best Watches and Accessories in the Galaxy

NIXON, popular accessory brand from California released watches and other accessories which are designed with a motif of DARTH VADER and BOBA FETT. If you are big fan of STARWARS or NIXON, you can't miss them!!

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BB-8, A New Character From "Star Wars," Has Become A Remote Control Toy!

To commemorate the release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Takara Tomy will release a remote control toy BB-8 on December 18.

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Star Wars Designing Service On Lenses

JIN starts offering a lens paint service to make an original pair of sunglasses including the Star Wars series.

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Best Fridge Ever! Actual Size Remote Control R2-D2 Fridge

Haier Asia announced on November 29th that, as part of their Star Wars merchandise line; they will be releasing a 1:1 Remote Control R2-D2 Moving Fridge!

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