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Exploring The Modern Way Of Traditional Japanese Cloth, Furoshiki

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth originally made for carrying clothes. Not so many people nowadays use Furoshiki, but the use of furoshiki is now changing into a modern style.

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3 Lucky Charms In Japan You May Have Seen

Do you have some lucky charms at your home? There are different symbols and meaning for each lucky charm in Japan. Most of these beliefs are inherited from Buddhism, Hinduism, and Chinese religions. So, let’s know more about those lucky charms with their meanings!

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4 Best Souvenirs To Show Off That You Were In Japan

Imagine your first trip in Tokyo is almost over. Now, all you have to do is head to the airport tomorrow. But now you remembered you have not bought any souvenirs for your family and friends. What should you buy? Actually, you have many choices.

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Japanese Wooden Doll KOKESHI is The Best Souvenir For Your Beloved

Maybe all of you have known about the most charming wooden dolls made in Japan. Japanese people usually say it as “Kokeshi” こけし. I can say that it can be such a beautiful and attractive souvenir for you beloved family or friends too. So, let’s know more about this doll!

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3 Unique Foods That Vending Machines Offer Us In Japan

Vending machines are the most convenience things that you can find easily at any place in Japan. It is also known that there are about 5.52 million of vending machines in Japan. Don’t shock if you go to Japan, and you find the other kind of vending machines there! You can buy apples, bananas, t-shirts, and etc. from vending machines that Japan has! Sounds interesting? Let’s know more about them!

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