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Original Scenario Was Added To The Game "Attack On Titan”

Koei Tecmo Games has updated privileged item details of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita software "Attack on Titan" Treasure Box.

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10 Male Game Characters Even Men Fall in Love With

We have selected our opinionated and biased ten manly game character you will spontaneously fall in love with from a man's point of view.

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"Pokemon's" 20th Anniversary Goods Information For Overseas!

Campaigns and new item information celebrating Pokemon's 20th anniversary unveiled in overseas Poken official channel.

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"Initial D" x Vehicle Exhibition Theme Park

"Initial D" Hijacks MEGA WEB.

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10 Japanese Books/Manga That You Must Read

If you want to learn Japanese, it's a good idea to read Japanese books in Japanese. However, so many books are published every day in Japan. Here are some recommendations from recent best sellers.

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5 Movies Out Of Japanese Books/Manga You Don't Want To Miss This Year

Movies always tell you something important about the life, and if not, it at least entertains you. This year, 2016, will see many Japanese movies out of books, and here are some "un-miss-able" ones.

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Great Knife From Game Silent Hill In Real Life

Their new attempt has been once again made available to the public.

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8 Manga Titles To Recommend To Gamers

From fantasy to horror, please check out these works that will give colour to your gaming life.

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The Heads Of Gundam And Zaku Became Large Sake Cups

The heads of Gundam and Zaku became large Sake cups.

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"Yakuza, Kiwami" New Japanese Yakuza Game

Sega Games Consumer Online Company has revealed the latest screen shots of PS4/PS3 game "Yakuza: Kiwami".

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