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An Exhibit Of "Saint Seiya": Life-Sized Gold Saints

The Complete Works of Saint Seiya" is a planned exhibit to be held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the creation of "Saint Seiya"

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Recommended New Otome Games To Be On Sale This Spring!

The 24th edition of "Adult Otome Game Road" will be released.

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4 Awesome Anime Movies Of Mamoru Hosoda

Not limited to just Ghibli movies, Japan has many great anime movies. Mamoru Hosoda is one of the most famous anime movie directors in Japan. Let's check out his amazing works!

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Take A Photo With Hatsune Miku By This App!

The only thing you need is your phone and you can have fun doing photoshoot with Vocaloid's Hatsune Miku!

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Lum's Life-Size Figure Of "Urusei Yatsura"

The serial number is also engraved on the figure so it will be the collector's item that fans covet.

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Hot Debate From Overseas Fans Of Japanese Otome Game!

The 'Gal Game' is a genre that is starting to make some big waves overseas.

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New Figure Of "Sakura Saber/ Soji Okita Ver

Aquamarine corporation plans to release a figure "Saber/ Soji Okita ver." on April in 2016. The reservation for this item has already started.

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"Love Live!" Appeared At Coco's In Front Of Tokyo Big Sight

The plan gained attention from before the start of this campaign since it understands the important parts of "Love Live!", collaborated with family restaurants have started from January 19th in 2016.

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Ani-son Dance Battle; Funny And Cool Style Of Dance

Ani-son is an abbreviation of Anime song. Now, do you know about break dancing? Usually break dancers dance to Hiphop or Funk music. But in Japan, there is a very interesting way of dance battle! The participants dance only to Ani-son!

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"Danganronpa" PC Version Was Officially Released For Overseas

Trigger Happy Havoc" PC version was released for overseas.

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