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5 Things You Should Be Careful When You Write Your Resume To Work In Japan

Writing a good resume is really important to get a job. If you are going to work in Japan, you should learn some taboos when making your resume...

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5 Dangerous Animals You Should Keep Away From In Japan

Japan has much nature that remains as it was in the past, but it means some dangerous creatures there also live in the same place. Now, let's learn some dangerous animals you should keep away from.

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Vespa Mandarinia: The Most Dangerous Animal In Japan

What's the most dangerous animal in Japan? Wolves? No. Bears? No. Sharks? No. They are much "smaller" and really "neighboring": Vespa mandarinia.

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Origami? No, It's Toilet Paper Made!

You've heard of toilet paper manners such as folding the ends into a triangle after use, right? But did you know in Japan this type of mannerism has been changed into a kind of art?

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Sushi Rolls: What Should I Put Inside?

You must know that making sushi requires a great skill for that. Anybody can make "sushi-like" stuff, but a very limited number of people can master how to make real sushi. Let's learn how to make better sushi rolls.

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Miso; Has Been Loved By Japanese For More Than 1000 Years

Do you like Japanese food? If you do, you may like miso soup as well. Miso has a lot of positive effects on your health. But how is it made? Are there some types? Let's learn about miso!

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5 Ways To Make A Japanese Boyfriend/Girlfriend

So many people say, "Japanese women are very nice to be with." However, it seems difficult to get along with Japanese women without any knowledge. Don't worry; there are many ways to be known to them in fact.

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3 Effective Ways To Practice Your Japanese

How are you doing with your Japanese studies? If you're only reading your text books, how about trying a new fun way of learning? Your studying will become more efficient if you're enjoying your studies!

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Japanese Anime Inspired Makeup: Byojaku

Byojaku literally meaning 'sickly and weak', but what kind of make up is Byojaku really? Read to find out more!

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4 Tips To Maximize Your Ryokan & Onsen Experience

Have you tried onsen in Japan? If you have, did you enjoy it properly? Well, you still have lot more to learn about going to onsen & ryokan! After reading this, you can enjoy it 100%!

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