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Help Out Your Favorite Upcoming Japanese Idol Singers With This Hot New App!

Do you know "Idols" in Japan? These girls are actual Japanese idols. Don't you think they are cute? Lots of people like to support them by using apps. One particular app, called "CHEERZ", enables you to do that. Shall we cheer them on together?

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Combination Of English And Kanji Looks Just Amazing

Artist talent Tomomi Kunishige's solo exhibit "Tomomi Kunishige x Ee-kanji Exhibit" will be held at the 5F Art Gallery of Shinjuku Isetan's Main Building from 11th to 17th December.

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'Guinness World Record' Japanese Amusement Park: Fuji-Q Highland

Do you have a plan going to Mt.Fuji? If you have, why not visit one of the most well-known amusement parks in Japan?The park is called Fuji-Q Highland and it's famous for its world record attractions.

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The Japan Sumo Federation and Capcom Team Up For the 35th Japan Cup!

In November, a mix of sumo, horse racing, and fighting game stars emerged on Umabi's website, the "Japan Sumo Cup" - bringing the fun of a day at the races to the popular entertainment website.

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A Secret Way To Become A Ninja In Japan

Thanks to anime and manga, one of the most well-known Japanese heroes is the ninja. But is it possible to become a ninja in the 21st century?

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5 Best Theme Parks You Get Amazed By Japan's Spirits Of Inquiry

Japanese people love theme park as the people in other countries. Because the competition among Japanese theme parks is intensive, they have to be attractive to survive. Here are 5 most popular parks in Japan!

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5 Videos Of Japanese Traditional Instrument Band Called Wagakki Band

Wagakki Band is very trendy at the moment in Japan. Wagakki means Japanese traditional instruments, so this band became popular by playing modern songs with these traditional instrumentals. They are so amazing- check it out!

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Top 3 Japanese Arcade Games You Must Try In Japan

Have you ever been to arcades? Even if you haven't, it will be a good experience to go to a Japanese one. You can play the most unique games: you can't try these in other countries!

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The Best Place To Go When You Get Bored In Japan

Even thought there are almost everything in Tokyo, you might get bored or just want to spend a lazy day during you stay. If so, why not challenge going to manga-kissa?

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Snow Festival! Experience The World Like 'Frozen'

Do you want to be amazed by beautiful and wonderful snow sculptures? Then visit Sapporo Snow Festival held in February! 200 snow sculptures will welcome you at Sapporo, Hokkaido.

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