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Karaage(唐揚げ): Japanese Deep Fried Chicken Always Satisfies Every Chicken Lover

When you think of deep-frying food in term of Japanese cuisine, the first food item that comes to m…

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4 Japanese Traditional Instruments You Might Get Interested In

Japan has a long history in its music and instruments. People used to play music for gods when they…

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There Is No Better Way To Eat Japanese Food With Cool Chopsticks

A collection of “Cool and Creative Chopsticks” from Japan, the 4 coolest chopsticks we list up belo…

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5 Onsen Places Everybody Wants To Visit Again

Have you experienced Japanese Hot Springs called "Onsen"? There are many Onsen throughout Japan. Th…

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5 Fascinating Characteristics Of Hokkaido People

Japan's charm lies in "kenminsei" (how people in different prefectures exhibit different characters…

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3 Themed Restaurants In Tokyo Many Foreign Tourists Go

You can find some unique Themed Restaurants around Tokyo. The satisfaction of these restaurants by …

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4 Amazing Natural World Heritages In Japan

Today, we introduce 4 amazing places in Japan that are listed as Natural World Heritage. Check out …

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5 Spicy Japanese Condiments You Must Try

A connoisseur of washoku (Japanese cuisine)? Won't you want to know how Japanese people accentuate …

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5 Japaese Four-Character Idioms You May Find Interesting

Idioms are a part of any language, so is Japanese. The kanjis are able to impart a lot although the…

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Bean-Throwing Ceremony, Setsubun On February 3rd

There is annual winter event called setsubun or bean-throwing ceremony on February 3rd in Japan. It…

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