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Multiple Ways To Use Japanese Herb, Shiso

Shiso is an important herb in Japan used not only in cooking but also in other various ways.

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Nō: You Will See The Deep World Of Japanese Art Through It

Nō is a Japanese style of theater that seems to be addictive to foreigners as well. It started in 1…

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Tokyo Skytree:Fusion Of Japanese Traditional Beauty And Near Future Design

As the world's tallest freestanding tower, Japan can be proud of this wonderful wonder. The tower …

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A 3-Pronged Attack In How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded America

Japanese pop culture is entertainment that is wacky, offbeat and even psychedelic. Hence, it is wel…

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Symbolic Tower Of Tokyo "Tokyo Tower"

An elegant tower with structural beauty is one of the symbolic tower of Tokyo. Even now that has e…

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10,000 Steps Per Day

Stay healthy is everyone's objective. And Japanese people have a secret way to do this.

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Visiting Universal Cool Japan

Keep in mind some of these following phrases to help you enjoy this awesome event to the fullest.

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5 Weird Flavors Of Ice Cream In Japan

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ice cream? Booorrrinnngg! Indulge yourself in these incredible flavo…

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When In Japan, Do As The Japanese Do

Temporarily forget about your country to immerse yourself with the wonderful Japanese culture to th…

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Urashima Taro

Urashima Taro is a famous folk in Japan, which is referred to by many pieces of modern manga or ani…

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